Victory built at the intersection of tactics and technology

Precision Campaign Group has every aspect of your campaign covered.

We meld the strategies of winning campaigns with industry-leading technology solutions and decades of combined political experience to streamline your campaign and propel you to the next level.

What We Do

Whether you’re entering the political arena for the first time, looking ahead to higher office, or simply seeking the premier consulting group on the right to secure your re-election, Precision Campaign Group offers the kind of comprehensive, modern campaign services that have propelled US Senate, US House, and gubernatorial candidates across the country to victory.

State & Local Races

Our team may be comprised of elite political consultants with experience running top tier national level campaigns, but we’re excited to bring that expertise to state and local races where some of the most impactful legislation is affected, and future Republican stars are born. We’ll help you amp up your fundraising, improve your voter file, and better target critical voters. You’ll get all the same strategic guidance, streamlined technology solutions, and level of service as big name Washington clients at a rate commensurate with the office you seek.

So whether you’re looking to secure your seat and simplify your re-election efforts or whether you’re thinking years and offices ahead, let us become partners in your political journey- we’ll lay the foundation for every step along your trajectory.

Federal Races

The Precision Campaign Group will optimize your campaign. With streamlined technology to integrate every aspect of your campaign, with a full complement of service offerings that can be done in-house, and with a team of consultants that have spent years building relationships, honing their craft, and learning how to win, PCG is the team you need to oversee every element of your victory.

The Team

Our team of veteran political consultants have worked on political races at every level, in every corner of the nation. We offer innovative solutions and comprehensive services so you can focus on your agenda while we focus on winning.

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